The Best Colors to Wear to Work

Colors can play an important role in the way you present yourself to the world. People will look at the color of your skin, your hair, your eyes, and your clothes and determine their impression of you.

Colors affect mood, they alter perception and they also play a part in your success. For jobs that require uniforms, colors are decided to reflect the nature of the work or to color code employees, such as with scrubs. However, where you have more leeway to choose your work wardrobe as you like, there’s a difference.

You can’t always show up to a corporate office or a hospitality sector job where you’re meant to look professional and approachable in bright fluorescent and neon colors, bold prints and outfits that will draw too much attention.

When picking your work wardrobe, mixing and matching soft colors and soft prints is your best bet. Some of the best colors to pick for a work wardrobe are:


Brown, in its various shades, is always a winning color because you'll find plenty of outfits, accessories and clothing items to incorporate safety into it. From khaki to chocolate browns, you can get your hands on a smart brown jacket or a purse and know you’re making the right choice.


Blue comes in a lot of different shades but not all of them work well for professional wear. It’s a color that reflects success through rationale. It’s a color that exudes confidence and lets those around you know that you’re here for business and know what you’re doing. It automatically lends a sense of discipline and authority so other people can trust your decision-making abilities.


Green is the color of money and what says success more than dollar bills? Again, avoid bright neon greens, but channel natural, deep tones, such as emerald, forest green or add a pop of color with olive or lime—but don’t overdo it. Men can easily wear darker green shirts, blazers or pants too.

Pastel shades of pink and purple

Pink and purple are also colors you can never go wrong with. Gender is irrelevant, but the shade is important. Bright, flashy colors are a no-go, but pastel pinks and purples can look very sophisticated and stylish.

Grey and black

There’s nothing that works better than grey and black when it comes to work apparel. These colors are not only safe, but they're also sure to make you look suave. A well made grey blazer, like the ones we have in stock, looks incredibly sophisticated and can flatter anyone.

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