3 Things to Look for When You Buy Hospital Scrubs for the Team


Have you ever watched Call the Midwife? There you’ll see nurses from the 60’s all decked up in bright blue uniforms with an occasional appearance of the white smock during emergencies.

Healthcare uniforms have come a long way since then. The staff is no longer restricted to wear white. They’re also allowed to customize their uniforms now and then. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the need to wear scrubs that are tailored according to healthcare requirements and safety measures.

If you’re planning to buy hospital scrubs, then you should go through our checklist.

Here are the top three things you should consider before purchase:

1. Protection & Durability

Hospital scrubs are primarily worn as protective barriers against fluids and contagious infections. They also improve hygiene and cleanliness standards within the hospital.  That’s why healthcare professionals have to slip it on when they’re on duty.

While stain-resistant scrubs for nurses are still a work in progress, most modern uniforms are easier to clean. That ensures that those stubborn stains and icky fluids get cleared off from the scrub after a single wash. This feature promotes the fabric's longevity and durability.

That means, the uniforms can survive the long shifts and the daily grind without any trouble. 

2. Functionality & Versatility

Modern scrubs are continuously changing to accommodate the needs of healthcare providers. The fabrics have become breathable and styles more flexible. Many scrubs have double pockets, hidden pockets, and other features to increase ease of use. This makes it easier for doctors to carry their pagers and portable supplies during their rounds.

Also, some manufacturers (e.g. Jockey Scrubs) are focusing on tri-blend fabrics that make scrubs wrinkle-resistant. Not only does this save time spent on ironing the clothes, but it also allows your medical staff to look their best around the clock.  

3. Colors & Styles

Looking for something unique and different for your medical staff?

Then you should look beyond basic blues and worn out whites. You can choose cool greens, bright yellows, soft pinks, and muted oranges. Red is another popular choice for healthcare providers, especially paramedics, due to its distinctive look.

Moreover, medical facilities are no longer restricted to select monotone colors for the whole staff. These days, many healthcare departments are color coding their multidisciplinary teams. For instance, interns wear light shades, while residents don darker hues.

That makes it easier for patients and colleagues to spot the right healthcare respondent during emergencies. It also adds a sense of unity and kinship amongst members of each department, which raises team morale. 

In a Nutshell

In the end, your main objective is to buy hospital scrubs that smart and professional. You can do this by considering safety, versatility, and design. These three elements ensure that the uniforms are convenient to wear all day long.  


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