Trends that Corporate Wear Store are Following in 2021!!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about work clothes?

 Is it the word, BORING?

I am sure it is.


Times have changed, and now, the work clothes are anything but Boring. With the increasing number of businesses turning towards work clothes for their employees, it is more of a trend now and that is why the corporate uniforms found now are trendy and classy. If you have decided to be a part of the trend now, and select work clothes for your staff, make sure they are not simple and outclass because it’s time for a change now.

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If you want to change your corporate image, make sure you read further.

Trends that Corporate Wear Store are Following in 2021


  • Keep Your Workers Preference in Mind

Surely, you don’t want to end up with a huge list of bills from your workwear store, with uniforms your employees are not interested in or comfortable wearing. Gone are the days when these uniforms were only a part of the office; now, they are worn at events, trade shows, social meetings, and anywhere work-related. Before, you settle down with fabric, design, or style, consult your team and vote.

Try not to push your choices on them, the work clothes don’t have to be boring, try classy and elegant

  • Customize Your Uniform 

Think outside the box, customization on your work clothes can be done in many ways. You can add a custom pocket to an existing t-shirt, something which features or highlights a unique pattern or design? Or, maybe, alter a button-up shirt to highlight a custom contrasting cuff that lines up with your brand. The opportunities are vast, personalized workwear is not special, but they are the new trend this year.

  • Retail Inspired Designs

As I already mentioned, work apparel does not have to be boring. Make corporate apparel desirable for your employees. Have you noticed that big brands or work clothing shops have an amazing marketing strategy? They don’t just put a logo on each item of the workwear, but they think outside the box and go for the custom detailing and embellish the logo on the uniforms. Either that or maybe embroidered directly to the garment.

So, you want ideas, right? How about, checking our store first? You may find something you like.

  • Woven Shirts

When considering fabrics, always choose woven shirts as they are more durable. Fabrics like tweed, corduroy, and denim are not only trendy and have been in the spotlight, but they are of good quality and durable. The best part is, 2021 belongs to woven shirts. If you are looking for ways to style that, complement it with a pattern.

  • Blouses with pockets

Small changes matter they have a big impact! You may consider a simple blouse that can be altered and made stylish with small pockets for our ladies. It will also help the employees to carry items like pens etc, with them all the time. The pocket size should be discussed with the retailer, or you can shop our designs.

  • Soft Colors

Choosing the right color for your brand is the first thing you should be worried about. 2021 belongs to soft colors, something that builds an approachable aura. Colors like sky blue, pastel, grey, and vanilla are very popular. It offers your clients a sense of serenity when around your workstation.

How to Style Corporate Wear?

The way you carry your workwear matters a lot. Try shopping for custom scarves! We have a wide variety that as well come in many brands. It is a powerful way to change the entire look of the uniform.

Some other ways are;

  • Rolling up the sleeves

If your work environment allows, roll up the sleeves for a casual look. It also gives friendly and easy vibes to the customers, apart from allowing mobility to the employees. How about short sleeve shirts?

  • Untucking shirts

Yes, yes, the untucking fashion is here to stay in 2021. However, do not let your employees make it a routine; select a day when they can relax and untuck their shirts for a more casual environment. You can also name the days, casual Thursdays, and so on.

  • Add the third layer

If the weather allows, wrap up the look with a blazer or a cardigan. It changes the entire look instantly. There's a plethora of colors, variations you can select from. The final decision is yours. If you are lagging and want ideas for corporate clothes shop, check the internet.

Now that you finally know the trends the workwear shops are following this year, shop with us!

We have a diversified range of brands, styles, colors to serve your needs. If you need ideas, scroll through our store now, as you will not be disappointed!


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